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Review: Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres

Published Date: March 1st, 2011
Finished Date: July 21st, 2011
Publishers: Random House Australia
Format: Paperback
Pages: 316
Series: Night Creatures Book 1

Blurb from Goodreads: Into a world of wild secrets and deadly pleasures comes a girl whose innocence may be her greatest strength.

In Ixion music and party are our only beliefs. Darkness is our comfort. We have few rules but they are absolute . . .

Retra doesn’t want to go to Ixion, the island of ever-night, ever-youth and never-sleep. Retra is a Seal – sealed minds, sealed community. She doesn’t crave parties and pleasure, experience and freedom.

But her brother Joel left for Ixion two years ago, and Retra is determined to find him. Braving the intense pain of her obedience strip to escape the only home she’s ever known, Retra stows away on the barge that will take her to her brother.

When she can’t find Joel, Retra finds herself drawn deeper into the intoxicating world of Ixion. Come to me, whispers a voice in her head. Who are the Ripers, the mysterious guardians of Ixion? What are the Night Creatures Retra can see in the shadows? And what happens to those who grow too old for Ixion?

Retra will find that Ixion has its pleasures, but its secrets are deadly. Will friendship, and the creation of an eternal bond with a Riper, be enough to save her from the darkness?

Listen well, baby bats. Burn bright, but do not stray from the paths. Remember, when you live in a place of darkness you also live with creatures of the dark.

My Review: I am disappointed with this book. There, i said it.

Retra lives in a conservative society that restricts and stifles the people's movements, creativity, and education. Everything and everyone is constantly monitored. Retra's brother, Joel, hates it all, says he is a natural born rebel(or something the likes), so he ran away to Ixion, the land of freedom and blahs.

Retra has been dependent on her brother on lots of levels - mainly the emotional level. She doesnt have any friends cause the Elders(the ruling body) do no permit the people to interact much and so, has always just talked and played with her brother. So after Joel left, she suddenly felt lost, bereft, and lonely, so much so that she willingly self-inflicted pain, to train herself to withstand everything with a cool head and a poker face, and to ultimately escape.

In Ixion, she meets all sorts of young people(old people are "withdrawn") - snobby, crazy, handsome, pretty, kind, cool, authoratative, so on. But her journey to find her brother is so fraught with perils and obstacles that more often than not, she finds that the only way to survive Ixion, is to forsake her own identity. And AFTER she finds her brother, she isnt gonna like her situation/predicament any better.

Yep that's about it.

Now on to thoughts and feelings... I know one thing's for sure: I am way disappointed. Firstly, you would expect a book with an average rating of 4.26 to be a hell of a good book. That's the first thing that came to my head when i saw the stars. I was like 'oh wow, that's very high.' Considering that other good books usually get a 3.9 rating or something(like GRACELING got a 4.14). But oh no, i was sorely disappointed.

Secondly, when an emo book cover gets a good rating, it means that the author managed to balance out everything so the negative emotions never gets too overwhelming right? But she did not really.. Some parts(i feel) are...how do i say this..got all doom and gloom, then i feel all detached, then it all becomes too surreal. I dont know, it just didnt feel right to me. So no, i didnt enjoy the atmosphere created.

Let's get on to the protagonists.
I didnt feel the connection to ANY of them. Which made the whole reading process even more boring on top of the (kinda) uneventful plot. One example is, in the middle of the story after chapter 18, Retra changed her name, but not only that, she almost-completely changed who she really was. Like, she was actually a very conservative person who wears a veil over her face and has to constantly tie up her hair and to do so otherwise would be considered an obscenity or something(hey this kinda reminds me of the middle east..maybe that's where she got her idea from?maybe maybe. the world is full of possibilities.haha), yeah she suddenly wasnt shy to lift up her skirt to expose part of her thigh to show her scar. The change was instantaneous. After this particular event, it was like BAM! Here, i'll lift my skirt up for you because after i changed my name, i'm no longer who i used to be. Yeah ok i get it that you've been thru some tough times, but the basis of a person's character cannot be remodelled so thoroughly overnight. So yeah it got unreal and unbelievable that it really turned me off. And what's more, after Retra have her 180 degrees personality change, de Pierre didnt really develop on Retra's inner take on everything, which left me feeling so un-connected to her! Which is bad since this is written in the first person perspective(mostly).

The other protagonists would be her friends and the love interests. Her friends werent VERY prominent so i'll just move on to the love interests. One of them, Marke, as some reviewers have said and i totally agreed, did not do much to actually win Retra's love. So when she started to feel something for him, i was like 'whaat?'.

The other love interest, Lenoir, head of the Guardians that rule Ixion, was, in my opinion, also rather passive when it came to wooing Retra. I dont know what's wrong with them.. On top of that, they(meaning Lenoir and Markes) didnt get a lot of airtime with Retra, which equates to some serious un-development of the relationship. No chemistry, no connection = what the heck.

There are things like the creepy "come to me" whispers in her head problem that de Pierre did not answer. So was it the Night Creatures in the lesser paths that said it? Or was it the Ripers? If she did answer them, then sorry, it wasnt explicit enough.

The main conflict was written quite messily too. Im kinda tired of slamming this book already, so i'll just leave it at that.

There was one thing that de Pierre did good - the world-building. I have to admit that she did the scenic descriptions in wonderful detail, every color(even tho they're all mostly dark, black or gray or the likes)was painted, every shape was illustrated. That was a job well done. Tho it did tend to the over-desciptive side for some parts, which tend to kill the thrill that had built up.

The whole thing tho, was sort of uneventful and just..wrong. To me. I just felt this constant detachment that made the whole reading process un-enjoyable. Truly disappointed. It had so much potential.

My Rating 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review: Silence in the Mist by Leah Marie Brown


Published Date: July 7th, 2011

Finished Date: July 16th, 2011

Publishers: Eternal Press

Format: Kindle edition Blurb from Goodreads: After bloodthirsty revolutionaries murder her family, Françoise Despres vows to avenge their deaths and fight the violent mob destroying her beloved France. Becoming a spy for the counter-revolutionary cause, she knows great success, silently slipping between the shadows to carry secret messages that thwart her foes. But she never expected to come up against Sebastien de Brézé, a daring, clever cavalry officer in the revolutionary army and master spy hunter.


When Sebastien discovers the spy he has captured is actually a wily young woman cloaked in men’'s garb, he finds himself intrigued and titillated. But the elusive woman slips through his grasp, leading him on a chase through France. Undaunted, he makes it his mission to recapture Françoise Despres, body and soul.

From the misty forests of the Vendée to the dark, perilous streets of Revolutionary France, SILENCE IN THE MIST is a dazzling tale of intrigue, danger, and forbidden desire.


My Review: It is the year 1793, and the war between the revolutionaries and the very sadly outnumbered counter-revolutionaries rages on.

Françoise Despres has been thru one tragedy after another in quick succession. First, it was the death of her parents(who were minor noblemen) under the hands of street scums who are against aristocrats when she was four. She and her two elder brothers were adopted by her uncle who was a priest living in a church. Then came the deaths of her uncle and brothers by some pro-revolutionary mob, of which comprised of non-God-fearing men who stripped down the church of its possessions,at the same time tearing down the only place Françoise had called home in a long time. Yep, that was the last straw. When Renee, one of the most venerated soldiers in the counter-revolutionary army, rushed into the church and saved her terrified little ass. That was when she entered the counter-revolutionary army folds and became one o their top master spies.

Colonel Sebestian de Brézé is one of the most accomplished, bravest, and most compassionate soldier in the French revolution army(not to mention handsome, tall, skilled, and very sexy. yum, haha). Due to some "upstairs" political reason, his general, General Hoche, sent him around the country to round up insurgents and spies.

Sebestian corners Françoise in the misty forests of the Vendée one day, and there starts our protagonists' journey towards learning each other, accepting each other, and ultimately to fall for one another(badly).

Their love story wasnt a smooth one, oh no, it was terribly fraught with perils, both mortal and on the emotional level. For one, both of them are on the opposite sides of the war, and it was Sebestian's duty to bring Françoise to justice. They had to be wary of each other, constantly trying to see thru the other's lies.

When people found out about their feelings for each other, there came the betrayals and hardship for both our protagonists. So yep, there's the main problem to solve in the book laid out for you: how can these two headstrong enemies become a couple with both sides of the war hammering down on them, thinking both of them disloyal to each side of the cause?

The synopsis and book cover are deinitely winners. The beginning was captivating. But the ending was....disappointing.

Brown started the book by describing the dense Vendean forests where first our protagonists met. You've gotta admit, it was enchanting. I loved it. The chase was very original. Haha, no words to describe it. Françoise tried vaulting over a river but hit her head on a brach so Sebestian had to jump in to save her. Yes, the enemy saved her. That alone says a lot on our dear male protagonist already. He is utterly endearing and adorable. And it tells of a daring heroine who is definitely more than just a pretty little nobleman's daughter in frills and laces.

The brutality of the plots and schemes and the complexity of the political games makes the whole story even more believable. Françoise's people betrayed her to the revolutionaries, thinking her loyalty has already wavered after being seen with a "revolutionary scum" and that being neutralized now would be the best plan. She got captured and severely brutalized(she lost her vision in one of her eyes..yeah, that's how bad it got). It's good that Brown didnt hold anything back, cause it would just get impractical and all. Not only did the betrayal card play on Françoise, Sebestian was also betrayed by General Hoche, his long revered and respected idol. Ok, that was a big spoiler...wasnt it?

The romance part of it all started out nice and slowly. I really liked it that she didnt rush things thru, taking her time to fully develop the character's feelings for each other amidst the tumultous times. They were so sweet together. Oh man, such darlings! The way Brown set this relatonship in the beautiful French(the language of love, ma cheries!)-what do you call them..counties?-counties, creates an image in my head so beautiful that i just want to sink in and soak up all the love! haha, ok back to the story. It's also good that Brown didnt dwell too much on the sex part in the book(they only had it once), which contrasts to all those other books that make sex a vital role in relationships(i wonder why). It makes their love all the more sweet and romantic:)

I've said that Brown dragged out the romance nice and steadily right? It got real intense when they finally admitted their feelings for each other(that's where they made love..whoo.that was reeeaaal hot), but Brown just HAD to make the ending anti-climatical. It was like, building up the sexual tension..build..build...build, EXPLODE!! Then, ok im satisfied, bye bye. What, in the name of mine, is that? why why why why why?? When they got together, i literally sighed in happiness for them! Then came the Sebestian's departure for the next war. WHAT?! yeah that's the end. This reminds me of Odysseus. He had to go to this war which lasted for 10 years unwillingly, then had to sail thru hell another 10 years to return home. At least he had a happy ending. WHAT IS THIS?!?! I demand an enovella to explain what happened later!!:(( I hate separations, especially if it's at the end. It makes me so sad!! And i could really feel my heart constrict when Sebestian rode off to war. sigh..

Ok, now the ending. It was abrupt and awkward. Brown rushed thru it and left a lot of things unexplained. For example, she didnt mention how Françoise saved Sebestian's brother from capture; she didnt explain how the war ended; she didnt explain how General Hoche(good guy turned bad) and his partner-in-crime Robbespierre got into jail. It just kind of pops out on you and suddenly the The End's just there in the next page.

This is a fact-based novel. It seemed that many things listed and all really did happen in history, but it never got boring like it does in history lessons.

Overall comments: An intriguing plot. Witty, thrilling, captivating and non-stop action. The scenic descriptions was beautiful, the entirety of it was heartbreaking(did i phrase things right?sounds weird..but oh well). It was altogether really eventful, but the excitement and all dwindled down slowly. Still, i liked it, but because of the loopholes and unsatisfactory ending, i gave it a 3.5. If Brown could've encompassed a wider and more wholesome plot, i would've gladly gave it a 5.

My Rating:

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Review: Minder by Kate Kaynak

Published Date: June 18th, 2010
Finished Date: July 7th, 2011
Publishers: Spencer Hill Press
Format: Paperback
Pages: 249
Series: Ganzfield book 1

Blurb from Goodreads:
Sixteen-year-old Maddie Dunn is special, but she needs to figure out how to use her new abilities before somebody else gets hurt. Ganzfield is a secret training facility full of people like her, but it's not exactly a nurturing place.

Every social interaction carries the threat of mind-control.

A stray thought can burn a building to the ground.

And people's nightmares don't always stay in their own heads. But it's still better than New Jersey. Especially once she meets the man of her dreams...


My Review: Long story short: Maddie Dunn killed 3 teenage boys(unintentionally but well deserved on the guys' parts) and was about to be questioned in the interrogation room when one Dr Jon Williamson and Cecelia walked into the room, made her feel some weird things in her head, and swiftly escorted her to this camp for people with special abilities called Ganzfield.

Sidetrack for awhile. Wow, this really reminds me of SO many other books..Percy Jackson, Born at Midnight,(in a way) Cherub by Robert Muchamore..and the list goes on. But oh well.

Back to story: When she's at the camp, she learns that she is a G positive(people with special neuro abilities), and that by taking dodecamine shots, she's able to use her abilities which is telepathy. so yeah, she finds that she's one of the rare minders(short for mind-readers) AND she's one of those really powerful ones who can blast/fry other people's minds by transmitting large quantities of brainwaves and stuff and overloading theirs. Other G positives are the charmers, remote viewers, sparks, and healers (aka hypnotize-rs, GPS-ers, fire controllers, and yeah self-explanatory, healers).

She gets to class, quickly learns the ropes and familiarizing herself with her newfound abilities(i stress on the quickly. I'll get to that in a moment). However all's not well and good in Ganzfield. For one, there's this group of charmers who are more..sexually-high?/perverted than others that they kept charming(hypnotizing) girls into stripping and stuff, and the more pressing matter is of this group of "terrorists" who wants to vivisect and annihilate the G positives(whether you're one of them, or just a carrier of the recessive genotype) cause apparently they thought that G positive people are monsters! Dang dang dang!

Sooo, Maddie solves the first problem and the second is left for the sequels to cover.(wow, big surprise)

Ok, it's not that i didnt like the book, but the sarcasm is just a part of me so it kind of comes naturally....so dont blame me!

Anyway, about the book. The story started out with Maddie running away from this group of 3 teenage rapists. It's cool(not the rapist part, the thrilling fugitive running away part), fast-paced and attention-grabbing. Since Kaynak is a friend of Jennifer L. Armentrout at SHP's, i cant help but wonder if it's like an influence from each other to write the intro with someone running away from something/someone/someones. In Half-blood, it's Alex running away from daimons. In Minder it's Maddie running away from teenage rapists. Similarity is there, but i cant help but notice the name and villain difference. Alex sounds a little more macho and independent-heroine-type, Maddie just sounds like a mad person who's a girl because of the -die at the end like a suffix, and what's up with the Dunn? I dont know why, but it makes her sound clumsy, and the first time i saw it, i thought of a dustbin(dont ask me why..it just happened. And no offense to the Dunns out there^^"). The "villains" actually explains a lot about the book already actually. Armentrout's(sorry if you find the constant comparison irritating. I just need the juxtaposing to emphasize my points) daimons, or demons really, kinda shows that the book is more..how d'ya say this..more boom boom pow action. Kaynak's rapists..well, there were many guys in the book who kept mentally stripping girls(Maddie would know, being a minder and all) and having pervy thoughts. I dont know how true is that since im a girl, but its just that i picked this up and wanted to share it.

As i was saying, the initial pace was really fast, almost like we're swooping thru the entire escapade. Kaynak did it really well, and im not one to like to dwell on a certain point very long, so i really enjoyed it and i all but glued my eyes to the pages. wow, painful imagery. It wasnt draggy(nuh uh not at all), and i applaud her for being able to capture my full attention in just that few short pages.

However at the front part, i felt that Maddie was too detached. A kind of flaw. hmm, actually i feel rather conflicted about this point. Some authors, like *ahem*Lilith*ahem*Saintcrow*ahem*, delves too much into the protagonist's thoughts, inner commentating that sometimes sounds bitchy and whatnots that is totally overrrrrrexcessive. I mean come on, enough is enough man. But in Maddie's case, she's just too "i killed you people and im in the police station. ok..what next?", y'know? Previously i mentioned the word "quickly" as in, she's taking it all too calmly and really just..quickly that it sometimes feel a little surrealistic. But im afraid that IF Kaynak did elaborate, it would minus off some of the adrenaline-pumping factor.

Trevor was........not really eye-catching. I mean, he's cool and humble, complete with the terrible past and all(not that im being some mean, insentive b*tch, i'm just stating the facts matter-of-factly:)), but he's a little too passive and timid for my liking. Maybe he wont be in the later books, but first impressions are important, and yeah, he didnt stick out on my potential-protagonist's-love-interest-radar. Good-looking, yeah. Awesome, one-of-a-kind powers(telekinesis), yeah. But man-wise, not really.

The main conflict in the book is the part where Trevor gets kidnapped and Maddie goes after to rescue him with the aid of a spark, a healer and an RV(remote-viewer). Before the kidnappers whisked him away, Maddie got a good read on them and she knew that their intention was to vivisect Trevor to get a better understanding of his grey matter's anatomy(like how it works to perform telekinesis). Maddie goes all batshit crazy with worry and fear(totally understandable), and enlists help from friends to help, and were off. Im not gonna dwell much on it cause even tho i like to spoiler, i cant spill all the good stuff right? so go read it and stop being a lazy pig!! But i'll let you in on a bigggg secret. SHE SAVED TREVOR!! haha that was a big one righty?XD But along the way, they uncovered a plot so big, they sure are gonna need more professional aid.

I said that the book was fast-paced right? Well it worked for me for the most part, but the romance part didnt. Like many other YA fiction novels, the instant loving thing was TOO fast, and TOO intense in TOO short a period of time that is totally unbelievable; It's not even improbable, it's impossible! Especially i dont have a very good first impression of the male protagonist(now that im reading the second book, ADVERSARY, yeah he is, but at that point, no. period), and that Kaynak dwelled TOO FREAKING LONG on the mushy, "you are my soulmate, the love of my life, the point of my existence, i love you soo much that my ribs are going to f-ing rip thru my chest from the pressure of all the love", is just too much for me. She droned on about it for, what, half of the book?, that i almost stopped reading the book. That's why i took a star away at first.

It all ended with a kind of a beginning, which is totally cool and poetic when phrased as such. Dr Williamson, head of Ganzfield, approved of Maddie and her rescue-mission friends, along with Trevor and a charmer(who would be really valuable and indispensible in future missions), to form a group to go out on missions, becaue apparently, Williamson thought that Maddie&co did a more than superbly fantasticle job rescueing Trevor, the damsel in some gruesome distress(when Maddie found him, it was kind of disturbing what the bad people did to him). Total awesome-ness and anticipation. It sure gets the hype up in me for the next few books!!woo!

I was really inclined to give this book a 4, maybe even a 4.5, but when it got all lovey dovey and draggy, i pushed it down to a 3. But then i think of the all the action and the awesome plot, i pushed it to a 4 again. The action was fan-freaking-tastic. I swear, it was sick. My heart started spazzing on me and thumping so hard at the climax during the rescue-Trevor-mission. Wow, such conflicting emotions.. It's a wonder i didnt grow a white hair or two. Or maybe i did..oh gosh. haha

Overall: It was a wicked ride of adrenaline-pumping action, i literally gobbled down the book in my haste to find out what happened next. It was eventful and filled with so much of the unexpected. I will definitely continue reading this series. (you should too!)

PS. Ms Kaynak should really stop using abbreviations, or maybe spell out the whole word out with the abbreviations at the side in brackets and then use the abbreviated forms. It got a little confusing and annoying at some parts of the book. For example, what the hell is "MO"? If you know it then fine, but hello? Different countries would have their own different slangs. It took me about 10 seconds to guess "method of operations", but then again, it may be wrong. So you see where the frustrations comes after encountering such things a lot of times.

But it was a good book! Keep it up! Loved Maddie and the entire plot!:D

My Rating:

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Review: Afterlight by Elle Jasper

Published Date: November 2nd, 2010
Finished Date: July 5th, 2011
Publishers: Signet
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Series: Dark Ink Chronicles book 1

Blurb from Goodreads: Savannah's most unconventional tattoo artist, Riley Poe, lives on the edge. Now she's put over the edge when her younger brother is taken by a sinister cult led by vampires. Her only ally is the hot-tempered vampire Eli Dupre, attracted to Riley's beauty and rare blood type. To save her brother from certain un-death, Riley faces dangers she's never dreamed of, ruthless bloodthirsty enemies, and an evil of endless hunger that wants to devour it all...

My Review: Wow, eccentric book.

Riley Poe, best tattoo artist in town and an ex-juvy-turned-good, has been living with her brother, Seth, until the day she trail-shadowed Seth and his friends to Da Hell Stone - which was this tombstone in the local cemetery that her psychic adopted uncle-father-figure told both her and her brother to stay the hell clear of. So she managed to bring Seth home, but strange things started to happen. For example like how Seth started to sleep a hell lot more(PIG! haha joking), and he started wearing sunglasses in the light, or how he's suddenly and uncharacteristically quiet and non-touchy-feely(usually he's so witty and snarky you're sure to really like him..just like me!:D). Riley's worried, but she doesnt want to smother him too much like her deceased mom did to her and made her all emo and turning to drugs and all. And in the midst of all this, she saw this guy in black(wow..MIB) staring at her thru her tat store's front window and she just cant seem to get him out of her mind(yawn).

ok so one day, Seth runs from home after he did sth really bad(I am very sorry i forgot what exactly..i put off doing this review for quite some time to heal from the usual roiling emotions after i read a book and well..my memory sort of ditched me:/). But yeah he ran away, and 'poof!'-the uncle-father-figure, Preacher, is actually well acquainted with a local family of vamps and they have a plan to solve it all! And to top it all off, she found out that the eldest son of the Dupre family(the vamp family) was the GIB(guy in black) at her store front that one fateful day, and lo and behold..They fell in love. Well, i certainly didnt see it coming.NOT.
And of course, good guys triumphed in the end, but the bad guy didnt die(at least one of them didnt).ok BIG spoiler. That was a big one. haha but oh well, if you've ever read my reviews before then you'll know im privvy to spoilering a lot of the books i do review.

I should stop digressing..

Ok onto the story: The first thing i noticed about the book was that Jasper utilized a different to separate the 'chapters'. Well, they were labelled as parts..but you'll only know what im talking about if you've already read the book. Just thought it was kinda cool..dont ask me why, but i do.

Anyway, the first part of the book was not well written. I did not really understand what was going on until a little ways into the book. The prologue was a scene after the book which i have not read in a while, and which i totally did not dig. I'm fine with the reversed way of writing, but why not try to write one that is more attention-grabbing or just one that doesnt sound like a "i have found the love of my life. The end" kinda thing? The first chapter/part was on delving into Riley's inner take on things as they happen around her, so there was a lot of inner commentating which became rather confusing at times cause it was kinda like plunging straight into her life without a foreplay/introduction.

The book picked up its pace quite soon after so i was slowly getting absorbed into the grim world of vamps and the underground world where Riley used to frequent. Which was really a lot of fun, what with her wicked fighting skills to defend herself and sarcastic, witty and snarky(not to mention independent)nature.
There was one part that was fast paced which did not sit well with me at all - the romance part. Riley and Eligius Dupre fell in love so fast that there wasnt any overt love and chemistry that i could feel. I literally groaned with the disappointing anticlimax and cringed with the cliche and cheesy-ness of it all(i was rather expectant of a good love story..oh well). It made it all seem so unnatural. Also, when they were making love, Riley was almost the dominant one. Oh gosh, that was just..weird.. Not that im sexist, its just...mostly unseen of. And i think because Jasper tried to paint Eli as a more alpha possessive lover, she had to tamp down on Riley's own alpha possessive nature to let him shine, which equates to being inconsistent. Oh and amidst the love making,which was really hot and violent(ok visual overload haha), he suddenly said mine, you are mine when he appeared to be the kinda-passive at first, so it didnt really link to the image i've created of him in my head. It all just strikes me as fake.

Riley was cool. Badass fighter(tho the kneeing groin thing got kinda old after the 4th time she used it), brave, strong, determined as hell, sexy and beautiful exterior, add her soft feelings for those she loves or calls friends, i took a liking to her immediately.

Eli was...as i've said, relatively passive. At least he was initially. So he wasnt my favourite male heroine, nuh uh. And since i've been reading more shmexy adult PNR books nowadays, the basis for my comparisons are rather high in standards. So no, he wasnt my ideal type, but it was also because Jasper didnt make him shine so much in this one.

Ok this review is getting lengthy so im gonna stop soon. It wasnt that the book was bad, it's just that all this criticisms just pops into my head like some negative commentating diarrhea tap turning on and it just flows into my hands y'know? It wasnt bad, just that i think i've had enough of vamp novel books in a while. But the truly couraeous female heroine in a vamp romance YA novel is refreshing(and a kind of novelty in this Twilight/Vamp Diaries and all those other authors taking advantage of the sudden vamp craze's books period).

2.75 stars? Haha, but it's worth a shot. What's not to love right?

My Rating:    

Cyp's Abbreviation Dictionary

DNF = Did Not Finish
HEA = Happily Ever After
PNR = Paranormal Romance
UF = Urban Fantasy
YA = Young Adult

Erotica Reference

BDSM = Bondage/Discipline, Dominant/Submissive, Sadism/Masochism
f/f = female/female
m/f = male/female
m/m = male/male


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