Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stacking the Shelves (1)

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews featuring the books we got this week.

My very first Stacking the Shelves! Happy belated Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday! Haha, I've been superbly busy, but I did find the time to go to the Times book sale and bought 9 books. I was expecting 1 more book, Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff. I won the signed version of it on a tour Book Nerd Tours hosted but it hasn't arrived yet. It's been close to four weeks so I think it's lost. A SIGNED LOST MAIL. *SOBS*

But anyway, here's my loot:

I kind of did a photoshoot of them beauties with my toys cause it's been awhile since I've last gotten new books. So, prrrrrrresenting:

I've just finished reading this one. It's not bad, but it's a little weird. Long overdue, I know. I fell in love with the cover the moment it was released. BEEyoutiful. Review to come.





So, shouty capitals aside, I'm sososososo glad to be back reading, reviewing, emailing uber awesome authors bout my emotional feedbacks about books I've read, and just blogging and talking to you guys again! This doesn't mean I'll not be busy though, cause there's still SATs to take, commonapp applications to fill in (all those essays *sobs*), UCAS applications, and Singapore university applications! Well, I'm just hoping at least 1 of the schools I apply to accepts me.. Cause I'm aspiring to be an architect but I'm not an art student, so I don't have the required portfolio and suddenly all my options are just disappearing. Help, anybody??
But on to the fun stuff, I'm so excited to be back that I am in the midst of planning a celebration of sorts in mid-December, where I'll be inviting a whole line-up of CRAZY AMAZING authors to the blog for fun interviews, short stories, excerpts and yeap, giveaways!! Haha, look forward to it. :))
I will be changing some rules and policies, like my reviewing policy cause I realise I'm a very lazy and stubborn mood reader, so if my brain and heart juices don't want YA, they will not read YA. Any YA book I read will be a DNF for me. That, or I'll take months to get back to an author. I've did that before and I know it's really terrible of me, so I'm going to ban myself from accepting review copies unless I'm prepared to start reading it immediately. Or if it's the sequel to a favorite series.
Sooo, yeah, on to the giveaway!
I've missed my baby's first and second blogoversary cause of exams, so today, to thank y'all good readers for sticking with me for so long even though this blog's been silent as At Grave's End (yes, I've read allllll about Cat and Bones till Destined for an Early Grave just before my exams! Gonna wait for Up From The Grave to release to read This Side of the Grave. But yes, I love Bones too!!), I'm gonna be giving away 1 book from my reading pile below and its accompanying swag.

Cyp's Abbreviation Dictionary

DNF = Did Not Finish
HEA = Happily Ever After
PNR = Paranormal Romance
UF = Urban Fantasy
YA = Young Adult

Erotica Reference

BDSM = Bondage/Discipline, Dominant/Submissive, Sadism/Masochism
f/f = female/female
m/f = male/female
m/m = male/male


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