Interviews/Guest Posts

I've divided this page into 3 portions: Author interviews, character interviews and guest posts. Within the author interviews' and guest posts' section, I'll arrange them in alphabetical order according to the author's name. In the guest posts' section, I'll also include the title of the post the authors did. In the character interviews, I'll arrange it like this: Author - Character Interviewee, NOVEL NAME, according to the author's name.

Author Interview
  1.  Amanda Ashley
  2. Amber Garr
  3. C.C. Hunter
  4. Coral Moore
  5. Dusty Crabtree
  6. F.A. Hershey
  7. James Hutchings
  8. Juliana Haygert
  9. Jus Accardo
  10. KaSonndra Leigh
  11. Katie Reus
  12. Lisa Renee Jones
  13. Lorenda Christensen
  14. Michelle Diener
  15. Pepper Winters
  16. Rachel McClellan
  17. Tendai Huchu
  18. Vik Rubenfeld
Character Interview
  1. Amber Garr - Evianna, PROMISES (YA)
  2. Coral Moore - Brand and Dagny, BROODS OF FENRIR
  3. E. Van Lowe - Meghan, BOYFRIEND FROM HELL (YA)
  4. Heather Ostler - Julia, THE SHAPESHIFER'S SECRET (YA)
  5. J.A. Templeton - Riley, THE DEEPEST CUT (YA)
  6. James Conway - Chris, THE VAGABOND KING (YA)
  7. Jennifer L. Armentrout - Alex and Aiden, PURE (YA)
  8. Jus Accardo - Kale, TOUCH  (YA) 
  9. Karen Amanda Hooper - Yara Jones, TANGLED TIDES (YA)
  10. Lisa Tawn Bergren - Marcello and Luca Forelli, RIVER OF TIME series (YA)
  11. Rachel McClellan - Llona and Christian, FRACTURED LIGHT (YA)
  12. Tendai Huchu - Smokey, AN UNTIMELY LOVE
Guest Post
  1. Amy Lignor - A Twist on the Love Triangle!
  2. Ayr Bray - Christmas Drama versus Christmas Joy
  3. Chani Lynn Feener - Dreams in Different Cultures
  4. Dana Michelle Burnett - Where Paranormal Runs in the Family
  5. John Corwin - Building the Perfect World
  6. Louisa Bacio - Threesomes & the Fleur-de-Lis
  7. Olivia Hardin - Christmas Short Story
  8. Paul Magid - Lifting the Wheel of Karma
  9. Raine Thomas - The Writing Cave(s) of Raine Thomas
  10. Samuel Bagby - A Commentary for A Bookalicious Story Readers
  11. Shana Galen - Why Spies are Sexy

Cyp's Abbreviation Dictionary

DNF = Did Not Finish
HEA = Happily Ever After
PNR = Paranormal Romance
UF = Urban Fantasy
YA = Young Adult

Erotica Reference

BDSM = Bondage/Discipline, Dominant/Submissive, Sadism/Masochism
f/f = female/female
m/f = male/female
m/m = male/male


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