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Character Interview with Riley + The Deepest Cut Giveaway

Hey, good readers! Haha, today, I'll be having the good fortune to introduce to you the author of THE DEEPEST CUT:

J.A. Templeton!
About Julia

"I wrote my first young adult novel over ten years ago, and took a slight detour from writing YA to publish nineteen adult romances.  Now, I’m following my heart and writing in the genre I’ve been passionate about for so long, and about characters who don’t exactly fit into any specific box.
Aside from writing and reading, I’m obsessed with history, love research, traveling, and riding motorcycles with my hubby, my first and only love, who stole my heart when I was fourteen and he was eighteen (yes, he robbed the cradle).  I am also a medium, which gives me a unique perspective when writing about the paranormal and characters like Riley, who can see, hear, and feel spirits.
I’m busy at work on the second MacKinnnon Curse novel, THE HAUNTED, which is scheduled for release in December.  I love to hear from readers.  If you feel so inclined, please fill out my contact form or send an email to ja@jatempleton.com.  I respond to all emails."
--From J.A.'s website.

And the lead character in her book:

About Riley

Sixteen-year-old Riley Williams has been able to see ghosts since the car crash that took her mother’s life and shattered her family. Guilt-ridden over the belief that she’s somehow responsible for her mom’s death, Riley is desperate to see her mother’s elusive spirit to gain her forgiveness.

When her father moves the family to Scotland so they can all start over, Riley believes her life couldn’t get worse––that is until the ghost of nineteen-year-old Ian MacKinnon catches her purposely cutting herself. An uneasy truce quickly turns into friendship, and soon Riley’s falling hard for Ian.

Riley believes her gift could help Ian end the curse that has kept him tied to the land for centuries, but that would mean letting him go forever and she’s not sure she is strong enough to do that. As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, the spirit of the woman who killed Ian returns and she’ll stop at nothing to keep Riley from helping Ian find eternal peace.


Hi, Riley! Thanks for dropping by!

Hey! Thanks for having me!

Ok, let's start it slow, to get the ball rolling. Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm just your average sixteen-year-old American girl living in Scotland...who can see, hear and feel ghosts.

I wouldn't exactly call "can see, hear and feel ghost" normal", but...oh well. Aren't people afraid of ghosts? Are you afraid of them?

For the record, I'm afraid of some ghosts--pretty much those of the malevolent kind.

Lol, um, if they are malevolent, who wouldn't be afraid? My teacher used to tell me that ghosts are mostly non-malevolent. Tell me, were any of those you saw violent or scary-looking? Y'know, the ones in the movies who have long, black hair covering three-quarters of their faces and sallow complexions?

Most ghosts aren't violent, but if anyone says that ghosts can't harm you--well, they are straight-up lying to you.

The scariest ghost I've ever encountered is Laria, the ghost who is making my life a living hell as we speak. And yeah, she kind of looks like those movie ghosts you mentioned.

*shudders* When was the first time you saw a ghost?

I saw my first ghost when I woke up in the hospital after the accident that killed my mom. It was this old man who roamed the halls of the hospital, and when he walked through a wall...I figured either I had lost it or I was able to see ghosts.

I'm so sorry about your mother... Ok, let's move on to the happier topics. So I've heard you've met with a potential love interest. *wriggles brows* How did you meet Ian?

I met Ian minutes after walking into the inn, but I didn't acknowledge him at first. Let's just say he kind of snuck up on me at an unopportune time, and I made the mistake of looking at him and showing my surprise. I was done for at that point. Once you acknowledge a ghost, it's really tough to get rid of them. Plus, he's so hot! It's kind of tough to ignore him.

Hot ghost, huh... A little hard for me to reconcile, but I don't mind meeting a ghost if he's hot as hell.:D What do you think of him being a ghost?

I think it's sad he was murdered at nineteen. Then to be cursed to roam eternity as an earthbound ghost. That's just cruel.

Nineteen? That's... yeah, that's cruel, man. Aw, but at least he's found you, and you him. Lol, but tell me, Riley, what is it like falling for a ghost? How do you kiss? Isn't he, like, intangible?

Falling for a ghost is like falling in love with anybody, really. Ian is as real as any living person I've met. We kiss just like any other couple kisses.

Again with the subject, many people are afraid of ghosts, how did you fall for one? What was it about Ian that made him so special?

People fear what they don't know or understand. I clicked with Ian from the second we met, and he doesn't judge me. He's into me and he let's me know it. He's a good guy--and did I mention he's hot --so it was easy to fall for him.

You know how Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid Love? Even though they're very different personas, they clicked together so well that they fell in love. I think you and Ian are the same. Well, that's really nice. Anyway, what do you love doing when you're not with Ian?

Drawing is my passion. It takes me away from reality, and for that time I forget about everything.

And when you're with him?

Hanging out in my room, talking, and although it sounds kind of lame--just being with him. He's given me a peace I didn't think was possible after losing my mom.

Nah, it doesn't sound lame. Sounds warm and cosy. And nice.:) Any plans for the future now? Ambitions?

One day I'd like to go to college, but right now I'm just taking it one day at a time.

I guess, after all that traumatic experience with Laria and all, one day at a time would be good. Any parting words to the readers?

If you feel like someone is watching you and there is no one there--you're most likely in the company of a ghost.

Aw man, you just HAD to add that, didn't you.. Anyway, thanks for coming for this interview, Riley! Best of luck for your future endeavors!

Thanks for having me! Same to you!


That's it for the interview. Oh, it was SO FUN doing it. Haha, if all interviews were like that, I'd love to do more of those. Ok, anyway, if you'd like to find out more about Riley and J.A. who writes Adult Historical Romances with the name Julia Templeton too, you can find her at:


And the next best part of today's post.... GIVEAWAY TIME!!

J.A. is so generously offering to give away ONE paperback to a US mailing address, and TWO ebook copies to two international readers.

-Leave a blog post comment on: Do you believe in ghosts?
-Following is optional, but it is highly encouraged.:D
-Remember, the paperback's only for readers with a US mailing addy.
-Giveaway ends 5 days from now, which is November 25th, 2011. SINGAPORE TIME. (GST +8)
-Fill up the Google Docs form embedded underneath.


  1. I don't really believe in ghosts, but I do believe that there must be something after death (I'm not religious though). I just don't believe that all that energy just fizzles out.

    Thanks for the giveaway CYP! :)
    Dani @ Pen to Paper

  2. Hey, same here! I'm a free thinker, but my parents are Buddhists, so I believe in reincarnations and the seventh month thing where ghosts in purgartory and hell are allowed to come up to the living world. Lol, stuff like that.

    You're welcome, Dani!:)

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! and yes I believe in ghosts!

  4. Yeah I believe in ghosts and the afterlife.
    So you better give me this e-copy or live in fear that I'm gonna haunt you after I die xD JK.

    Anyway the MacKinnon Curse series looks really interesting!
    Would love to have The Deepest Cut ^^
    And I think you meant November 25th in the rules if this is supposed to end in 5 days lol~
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  5. LOL, omg, thanks for telling me, Chingz! Must've fried my brain after so many hours of editing my other reviewsXP

  6. Hell yeah! I believed in ghosts for forever, I believe in so many paranormal stuff and ghosts are one of my favourites, cause with no ghosts there wouldn't be any haunted houses, and I adore haunted houses! :)

    Also, I think you made a mistake to the end date for the giveaway, you wrote December 25th but I think you mend November 25th, right?

    Great giveaway by the way! :)

  7. Awesoem giveaway! Yes, I do beleive in ghosts :)

  8. What a great giveaway this sounds like a great book never heard of it but so glad I did would love to read it! Yes I do believe in ghosts.
    Thanks for the chance!

  9. Yes I do beleive in ghost. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I believe in ghosts. I've heard so many different convincing firsthand accounts it's hard not to.

  11. Yes, I completely believe in ghosts!

  12. Leca: "well, this is complicated... I believe that something around ╩║ghosts╩║ might exist but on the other side I am the kind of person that need proof :-D"

    Lol, same here, fellow science-ee.:)

  13. I don't really believe in them but I do get scared of ghost stories lol. Makes no sense XD

  14. @Gemonymous: OMG, YES! That's me exactly! Haha. Buuut, hmm, when there's sunlight, I'll be like,"this stuff is crap". Then when the sun goes down, I'll be scared as hell.:( So I think I do believe in them, but then again, I don't. Sigh...Conflicting emotions..

  15. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I've enjoyed all the answers. I have to say--I'm glad that the majority of you believe in ghosts!

  16. I believe in ghosts...mostly. I say that because I go back and forth. Sometimes when I'm the only one awake at night and walk around in a mostly dark house to get a drink or something I swear it sounds like someone whispers my name. I don't hear it every time but it sure freaks me out for awhile. Was it a ghost or my imagination?

  17. Yes i do believe in ghosts! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  18. I believe in ghosts because i've heard too many stories from people who've had real experiences with ghosts :)

  19. i dont believe at ghost , well i never seen one..but ...i dont know..if I saw one im going to believe i think...but its to scary to think that....
    thanks for making this international, your blog is awesome!!

  20. No I don't believe in ghosts.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  21. I don't believe in ghosts, but I do like reading about them! Thanks,



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