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Review: Beyond the Rain by Jess Granger

Published Date: August 4h, 2009
Finished Date: November 2nd, 2011
Publishers:  Berkley Trade
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Series: Realms Beyond #1
My Rating: 3/5

Blurb from Goodreads:
In a universe torn apart by civil war, a warrior and a slave must fight for their lives and a love that may destroy them both.

After five years behind enemy lines, Captain Cyani has to complete one final mission before she can return to Azra-a planet ruled by a sisterhood of celibate warriors. Along the way she finds a prisoner, chained and beaten-but radiating feral power and an unbroken spirit.

For years Soren has endured torture as his captors leeched his very essence, a unique hormone then sold as a sexual narcotic in the shadow trade. Now he has been freed from slavery by a beautiful warrior woman with radiant blue eyes.

After years in bondage, Soren's hormones are so unbalanced that he will die if he does not mate with a woman. Can Cyani be the woman he needs to survive, or will this forbidden bond destroy them?

My Review

The thing about Sci-fi is, once you've read one of them, you've probably already read them all. Not to say that I don't like them, it's just that it gets old. But Granger is a fantastic author, for that I do commend her.

I've actually took 5 months to read this book. I got bored in the middle portion and chucked it aside for 4.5 months, so I can't give an accurate synopsis, and I think the one above pretty much summarises the whole thing. Cyani's an Elite officer for the cold, established planet of Azra, and she is on a mission on this other planet. Over there, her scout (Vicca, the mini fox - or something else that's small) and her discovered a tortured and chained Byralen. The Elite was formed to uphold justice, and being a true blue Elite, she frees him and tries to sneak him off the planet.

Byralens are a race who cannot survive long without their mates - something to do with their hormones and stuff? I don't know, it wasn't explained, but it seemed like a sort of sexual stimulation that they'd die without. Lol. Anyway, so Cyani's secret mission? To get Soren, said captured Byralen, back to his home planet fast for him to find a mate. Or somewhere along those lines. All I can remember is that she has to get him home, fast, but he doesn't have a mate at home yet, so I don't know why Cyani's gotta rush him home. Along the way multiple problems arise; For one, the current matriach of Azra wants Soren for her own psychotic reason, so she has to steer clear of the Elites (problem 1). Two, there's the problem of transport, no ship = trapped on some godforsaken planet. Three, Cyani's starting to fall for Soren, but when she gets Soren back, her mission's complete and she has to return to Azra. It's her duty, but can she leave Soren for good when the time comes for them to say goodbye?

Lol, ok, that was pretty obvious, but oh well. I'm not a big fan of the ferrying by space ships from planet to planet. I don't know why, but the setting just doesn't appeal to me. And the challenges faced by the protagonists are not what I'd consider original, so I gave it a meager 3 stars(or licks as my icons say). But, I did enjoy the ending and the constant action and a sorta suspense hanging around in the periphery. Just when I thought it will be a happy ending already, something happens and I would be so shocked and curious I'd tear thru the pages to read what happens. And I was already at the last few pages!

I loved the whole cast. Cyani, who was brave, sweet, and just so lovable; Soren who was protective and so romantic. Even Cyani's brother who appeared around the three-quarters mark. He is such an enigma, in a good way. He is super smart, super badass, and super infuriating! He could fight better than anyone, he could be so sarcastic (and witty), but he does care about Cyani's welfare and happiness. I know he's going to find his happiness in the next book, BEYOND THE SHADOWS, because I'm reading this series/duology backwards. Haha, the second book's synopsis appealed more, so I went ahead with it first.

But anyway, the entire cast in BEYOND THE RAIN was superb, and I rooted for them all the way. The plot was cool, but as I've said, is still a very typical sci-fi one. So if you're a fan of Sci-fi-plus-a-little-heartwrenching-romance (lol, I realised that "little" and "heartwrenching" are contradictory, but really, Granger only focused on the romance at the end, but it was very well done, and very, very heartwarming), you might want to try this one out.

My Rating


  1. What a nice header. I like your header a lot. Good review. Just a lovely blog all around. Come visit me as well over at Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog

  2. Thanks, Grace! (I spent so long on the header even though it looks so simple) Haha. Will visit.:)

  3. Can you imagine if a guy came up to you and said, "Baby, my hormones are so out of whack, I'd die if you don't have sex with me immediately!"

    If it took you five months to read this book, then that pretty much says everything I need to know about it.

  4. LOL, not that explicit! It's not that bad.... I don't know how to say this! Haha it was kinda good, but also kinda boring.:/ I think if you're a fan of Sci-fi, you would really enjoy it. But if you're not, then, well, you'll take 5 months to finish it too.


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