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Review: Try Me by Parker Blue

Published Date: Febuary 19th, 2010
Finished Date: June 13th, 2011
Publishers: Bell Bridge Books
Format: Paperback
Pages: 218
Series: Demon Underground book 2

Blurb from Goodreads:
This part-demon teen vampire fighter and her faithful terrier hellhound are once again patrolling the dark city streets of San Antonio, Texas. Val's hunky human partner, Detective Dan Sullivan, is giving her the cold shoulder since she beheaded his vampire ex-fiancée. Vamp leader Alejandro is struggling to keep the peace between vamps, demons and humans. The mucho powerful Encyclopedia Magicka has been stolen, someone in the Demon Underground is poisoning vamps, and Val's inner lust demon, Lola, is getting very restless since Val's now partnered with sexy Shade, the shadow demon with the blond good looks of an angel.
The second book in Parker Blue's Demon Underground urban fantasy series plunges readers deeper into a heady world of passion, friendship, intrigue and mystery.

Parker Blue lives in the wilds of Colorado with her own faithful hellhound, and she's hard at work on the next Val Shapiro book in the Demon Underground series.


My Review: Val has solved the myestery of who was the head bad vamp in the previous book, but a week after that, Dan, Val's detective partner and supposed-lover, starts ignoring her when a new female detective enters the Special Crimes Unit(SCU). Val is sad and heartbroken and Dan is being his usual jerkish, mood-swingish self to her. Amidst all her emotional turmoils, she was informed that the books that were the last and only things left for her from her dead demon father, the Encyclopedia Magicka, is actually a prized possession of the demons that was stolen by her father that it could be deadly in the wrong hands. So Val acted the part of a good girl and handed it over to Micah, the head of the Demon Underground. But Micah stupidly, VERY stupidly(what is wrong with him?), announced to a whole crowd of half-demons and vamps that he has it, and it went missing immediately after. Lame much? Ok, so everyone was shocked and worried(yeah, i wonder who caused it..), and Val was once again on the case. And the baddies once again used her family to threaten her to lay off. But Val did lay off this time cause the consequences to not lay off seemed pretty serious. While Val was taking her much needed break, she hooked up with Shade, but found out that if she loses her virginity, she would lose her super strength, speed, senses and whatever, all said and known when she was lying on the bed with Shade half naked and all. Haha, visual overload. So the baddie's scheme was uncovered JUST as he was about "ignite" a serious war between the two factions and once again, Val saves the day(you'll get the double quotations after you read the book:)). Big surprise.

The plot was a little more complicated this time, and that made the sudden realization at the end all the more shocking. I think it was because(ok i know it is because) of the unknown parts that hooked me to this book, which showed that Blue really did her research and planning well. Cause usually if i could guess everything that was about to happen, that would just suck. Ok im ranting. Blue really know how to make the culprit look like one particular individual, then it became a whole lot of other people, and then make them seem innocent again, but were guilty in the end those sort of thing. And in a way, its kinda like those adult mystery-detective books, just simplified and supernatural-ified. Well, i prefer this, so it proves my youthfulness at heart:)

Anyway, Val is getting good at controlling her powers and her relationship improved drastically with her parents since the previous book. Her romantic status has improved from impulse-driven, sweet-sometimes-but-mostly-annoying Dan to sweet, understanding, warm and sexy Shade(on top of his moral virtues, his powers are way awesome, to boot). But she comes to a moot point in all this progress cause Blue decided to torture her(and maybe some of the readers)by placing her in a stupid dilemma- lose your powers, or lose the prospects of having a proper love life. Yeah..that sucks. But at least she can control her powers really well, AND she gets to be the one who has good relationships with the vamps and demons, which i think would make her feel more important and wanted(even tho she doesnt realise it but i think it kinda helps, indirectly at least).

Ok, not much comments cause i wouldnt say this book(or series for this matter)was THAT impressive, but more of the average kind of good? I dont know.. But i am eager to start the next book:D am i contradicting myself? ah well, all i know is that it didnt disappoint me.

My Rating:


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