Sunday, September 25, 2011

The River Of Time Series -- NEWSFLASH

Yessss! Ms Bergren has annouced a sequel to TORRENT called TRIBUTARY. I love how they're all river channel names. But there's a slight twist to it, it will not only be in Gabi's point of view, it will also be in Lia's! That means we are gonna get some Luca goodness. :)

Additionally, she will be having 3 MORE books solely in Lia's POV. I wasn't very taken by that idea at first, but now, after reading TORRENT, I realise I'm fine with anything as long as I can quickly dive back into their world. It's just so amazing and addictive! So it will be like 3 Gabi POV, 1 Gabi+Lia POV buffer novel, then 3 Lia POV.


She has also generously put up an exerpt of TRIBUTARY on her website. CLICK HERE to check it out!

Double awesome-ness.

Buuut, book 4 (which is TRIBUTARY) has not been contracted yet, but lets keep our fingers crossed!

Ok, now, it is time to spam TROT pictures.

                           (MY TEAM!)



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  1. Thanks for the enthusiasm! I can't wait to get back to those characters either...

  2. Haha, welcome! I can't wait for Lia's books.. Oh, and have a happy and safe trip to Rome! You're going to Rome right?^^"


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