Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[Belated] Book Movie News -- The Hunger Games

OMG! I've just watched The Hunger Games official movie trailer, and It. Was. So. Cool!!!

If you haven't watched it, here it is:

Ok, so I am a little outdated with many things now but this is justifiable. It's because of my stinking exams, so don't blame me if I'm catching on the hype late. BUT OMG! It's so cool! Well, at least it wouldn't be coming out around my exam period so, AHH! Can't wait till March next year!!:D:D

Even it's countdown widget is cool! It even has audio! Oh, and if you missed it's animation, refresh this page and then come and look at the widget.

And here it is:

I've put it in my sidebar too cause it's just so freaking awesome. Look at it in my sidebar ---> It's waaaaaayy below everything else, but it's there. It has audio too. Hehe.

Soooo, have you seen all this yet?

P.S. Oh, I've just went to join The Hunger Games website and got posted to District 11..Great, agriculture.. I think I'd probably destroy all the crops instead.-.-


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