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50 Followers Giveaway Extravaganza Day 2

I've realised I'm at 59 followers already, but still I'd like to shout out a big THANK YOU, you amazing bunch of people! To celebrate reaching 50 59 followers, I wanted to host my very first giveaway, but since I still have to rely on my mom for allowances, I've decided to arrange interviews and guest posts and giveaways with some of my favourite authors! There will be 4 days in total, and I'll alternate between YA and adult authors. So be sure to stay tuned!

Today, I will be introducing you to the amazing author of LORD AND LADY SPY:

Shana Galen!

"I'm the author of numerous adventurous, romantic Regency historicals, including the Rita-nominated Blackthorne's Bride. My books have been sold in Brazil, Russia, and the Netherlands and featured in the Rhapsody and Doubleday Book Clubs. I taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston's inner city.

Now I write full time. I'm happily married to an incredibly supportive man I like to call Ultimate Sportsfan, and I have a beautiful daughter and a very spoiled cat." -- From her website.


Shana's did a guest post! And, oh, how I love the topic she's chosen.

Why Spies are Sexy
By Shana Galen

Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, George Clooney. What do all of these actors have in common? They’re all sexy, and they’ve all played spies opposite equally sultry leading ladies. What makes spies so sexy? In my recent release, Lord and Lady Spy, the hero and heroine are married spies who’ve kept their identities secret even from each other. Here’s what I learned writing Adrian and Sophia’s book.

Top Five Reasons Spies are Sexy

1)  A spy has secrets.
There’s something about a man with a secret or a mysterious past that makes him irresistible. Let’s face it, women like a man who’s got depth and complexity. Spies have those in spades.

2) He’s a protector.
A spy knows how to defend himself and those he loves. A woman who captures the heart of a spy can be certain he’ll fight to the death—risk it all—to keep her safe.

3) Spies are tech-savvy.
I write about spies in the early 1800s, so there’s not much technology for Adrian, my hero in Lord and Lady Spy, to master, but in an age where working the TV remote can be an exercise in frustration, it’s nice to know your man can program the DVR and de-bug your computer.

4) Spies are world travelers.
Spies rarely stay close to home, and all that traveling leads to some pretty interesting stories—if the spy is willing to talk about them. In Lord and Lady Spy, one of my favorite scenes is where Adrian and Sophia compare missions and battle scars. If your spy has a scar in an interesting place, the conversation can get pretty sexy.

5) Finally, spies are loyal.
A spy loves his country and risks his life to protect its sovereignty. A man who values loyalty makes for a great hero and a great husband.

Do you think spies are sexy? Why?

One person who comments will win a signed copy of Lord and Lady Spy. International entries welcome! Following is optional, just leave your name and email address in your comment. Giveaway ends on December 12th, 2011 along with the rest of my 50 Followers Giveaway Extravaganza days' giveaways. For more book giveaways, check out her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shana-Galen/211315085575366.

The Blurb

Meet Lord and Lady Smythe, England's preeminent spies. Their identities are guarded even from each other. After years of secrets and lies, their marriage is little more than a crumbling fa├žade. But even love isn't as important as The Mission—to defeat Napoleon Bonaparte.

But what happens when the mission is complete?

Meet Lord and Lady Smythe, out of work spies. Lady Sophia Smythe will scream if she has to attend another tea party. Lord Adrian Smythe will hit someone if he's forced to while away another evening in Parliament. What are secret agents to do when the war is over?

There's one chance left to get back into the game. The prime minister needs a murder investigated. The problem? Two spies. One position.

All's fair in love and war.


Thank you so much again, Shana!

You can find her at: Her Website | Her BlogFacebook | Twitter

I will be picking the comment that is the most heartfelt/funny/sexy/well, if I like it! Haha, so, you've heard her, let the commenting commence!:)


  1. yes, they get to explore the world, brave and r tuff


  2. Spies have that whole bad boy thing going on :) I love 'em!


  3. @Kimberly: I know right?? Haha. And that mysterious aura.... Ahhhh, I love this topic.XD It makes them seem so unattainable and exclusive, it's so, well, hot.:D

  4. They are normally mysterious and sexy.

  5. Spies are so mysterious, secretive and know how to treat a woman. Very Sexy!!!!!

    Josie Hink

  6. Couldn't agree with you more, roro! Thanks for the comment!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Oh, yes, MissKimberlyStardust. I do love a bad boy hero (who's really a good guy on the inside, of course!).

  9. CYP, that's it exactly! Unattainable and exclusive is really sexy for some reason. I guess it's the whole you always want what you can't have.

  10. Regencygirl101, thanks so much for the comment. I do love mysterious and sexy heroes.

  11. Josie, exactly! Knowing how to treat a woman is the most important aspect of sexiness!

  12. You only have to think of Sean Connery as 007 to KNOW that spies are sexy!!

    bettysunflower at hotmail dot com

  13. Congratulations on reaching 50 followers CYP! This is my first time visiting your blog and it's a nicely organized and loads up easily.

    I love spies stories because the spies themselves are usually the ones who end up intriguing me the most. As spies they know how to ferret out secrets from others and how to hide their own. You only know so much as the spies want you to know and being so mysterious I imagine when love hits them, it's very exciting indeed. I've read a few spies romance stories and it's so much fun seeing each couple interact. Two spies means two strong-willed minds and tons of sparks!


  14. Think this book sounds so goood! Spies are sexy because they are spies! Can you really visualize someone who isn't sexy being a spy? Even The Scarlet Pimpernal had ladies attracted to him when he was playing the fop part. They are Alpha males who have the need to protect and great loyalty. What else could be sexier.


  15. Spies are sexy--they have the coolest names (at least some of them do), say the wittiest comebacks and sizzle the pages of any Romance novel just by staring at the heroine. Hell, they could stare at me anytime ;)


  16. It's the secrets and the risk taking that I think are sexy and the confidence to pull it off and take such chances.


  17. Spies are so COOL! Seriously. Just the fact that they're willing to do very risky and dangerous things makes them very interesting characters. Being able to do cool tricks and moves and sometimes even having cool gadgets jusy increase their awesomeness. :]


  18. Spies=dangerous, sexy, mysterious, bad boys.

    And if they look like Daniel Craig, what's not to love?


  19. Heyy! I just came by your blog when I saw your comment on Goodreads Singapore's discussion!
    I must admit I'm quite surprised to find Singaporean book-bloggers although I'm intending to become one myself :)
    Followed your blog and added you as a friend on Goodreads (Yee Ching)!
    I can see you're doing a great job so far and let's hope I can do half as a good a job as you!

    And yeah, enter me for this giveaway as well ^^


  20. Oops just saw the question in the post (I must be blind ><)!
    And yeah, of course spies are sexy ;)
    Especially when they're spying on you ^^

  21. Spies are mysterious which just lets us want them more!

    baychriz at gmail dot com

  22. @Chingz: Thank you! All the best for your A's as well!:) You're halfway done already, the end is nigh! Haha.

  23. Bettysunflower, Sean Connery is my favorite 007!

  24. Love spies... :) Always love James Bond... :)

  25. Na, two spies definitely means two strong-willed minds. Both of my characters want things done their way. Thanks for the comment!

  26. Pennsdog, you mentioned one of my favorite heroes of all time--the Scarlet Pimpernel. Great points!

  27. B_milan, I agree with everything you said! Ditto, ditto, ditto!

  28. Catslady, taking risks and having secrets definitely make for a sexy spy. Thanks for the comment!

  29. Aimee_nicole, I do with I was the kind of writer who could think up cool gadgets for my spies to use because that is one thing I wanted in LORD AND LADY SPY and couldn't make work. Guess I'm just not technologically creative.

  30. Yvonne, I couldn't have said it better!

  31. ycelestia, thanks so much for your comment!

  32. Baychriz, I definitely agree mystery is part of the appeal.

  33. May, I love spies too. I only wish James Bond were a little more romantic.

  34. I totally agree with the top 5 reasons why spies are sexy.. I think the air of mystery is what makes them sexy and they seem to be able to do ANYTHING! they're super resourceful and i bet, amazing lovers :D

    i love your covers!
    email: cruz042 at csusm dot edu

  35. Spies are awesome because they can do what regular people struggle with, finding ways out to get out of sticky situations. It takes me forever to get out of simple problem such as as opening a jar. Lol. All kidding aisde, spies are awesome because they do have the bad boy persona going for them.

    thenarcissuslibrary at gmail dot com

  36. Spies are the first people to get to know deep, dark secrets. And lets be honest we all love to have a secret and know what nobody else ( or very few) know.

    Trouble is most of us who do have secrets just can't wait to gossip and pass them on to eveybody else !

    Go figure.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Hell yeah! :D The guys are always a mystery and the female protagonist are the only ones who can unlock their deepest secrets and change their entire life! Besides, what's not to love about hot, sexy guys who can and would protect you with their lives? That just makes them extra sexy in my eyes:P

  39. Oops I kinda forgot to give my email! Here it is:

    flame_2712 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  40. Spies are most definitely sexy! They have to be intelligent and strong and a bit mysterious too - a decidedly hot trio of attributes :)

    katherine (dot) kpp (at) gmail (dot) com

  41. Tall, dark, handsome, mysterious, intriguing, intelligent, unattainable... Oh yeah! Spies are sexy! Cloak & dagger mixed with tea parties and parliament, who could resist the magic?
    Best wishes and thanks for a chance to win this delicious giveaway!

  42. Spies are cool! (And sexy, too. Also, not boring at all!

    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  43. yeah i think spies are sexy because they're always on the move and their lives are full of excitement. Being physically fit comes with being a spy but they're also smart. They are forced to make decisions under life threatening situations with multiple lives at risk. Yet, they never falter showcasing their bravery. Not only that, they are knowledgeable about a variety of things (though not all may be relevant in daily life) International spies would know about countries around the world making them more knowledgeable and even more appealing. Yup, spies are sexy (:
    Anisha Chaudhari

  44. thanks you for this great international giveaway
    i would like to read more about spies


  45. oh heck yeah spys are sexy!
    bookluver1997 At hotmail DOt com

  46. Daniel Craig is the sexiest spy by far. I'd love to "Bond" with him if you catch my drift ;)


  47. @MamaMunky: OHHH, that's such a rated response! Haha, yep, I "catch your drift".;)

  48. spies..of course...James Bond isone of the best exmples....or Brad pitt in Mr and Mrs Smith!
    I would love that one of them "spy" me.

  49. Spies... They're so sexy! Just look at the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I love that movie! :)

  50. Spies? First thing which comes to my mind is Mr. and Mrs. Smith. :) I love the movie!! I watched it countless times, it's just so sexy! :P I absolutely agree with the 5 points made above. :) Spies are appealing and that's not gonna change.

    simcsa13 at gmail dot com

  51. i think smart/intelegent guys is so sexy ;)


  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. The idea of spies can be so sexy. I like to think that the U.S. employs some really hot spies. However the spies that are caught here in the U.S. are usually so unattractive.

    gah. I forgot my e-mail.

    leyser73 at yahoo dot com

  54. LOL! Aw, that's so mean, Lisa! Haha, but yeah, I think it's natural to think a handsome spy is hot and an ugly one's not. It's kinda sad, but that's the modern superficial world that we live in now.:/

    Haha, yeah that happens.

  55. Spies..Sexy? Shoot yeah! It's a requirement, I think. They have to be sexy, charismatic, sneaky, strong, smart, have a sense of humor, alpha mentality, look/be dangerous...look freakin' good in a suit and fill out a pair of low riding faded blue jeans just as well! They have to know how to ride a motorcycle and look good while doing it and look at home in an old junker truck too...and they better know how to 'handle' and protect their woman! Yeah, spies are sexy...Think of them as alpha bad boyz with more way cool toys (aka secret weapon gadgets). ;)


  56. Spies are totally sexy!
    I think what gives them the sexy aura is their confidence....The fact that they can do almost anything, do everything with all the high tech stuffs and infos they carry...and their mysterious aura...

    ok now you make me wanna go to the bookstore and get me one right now!LOL!


  57. Seriously. So true. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

    Have a wonderful day!

  58. Spies? Well, I'm a Brit and when I was about 7 years old, they starting showing one Bond film every week. I watched them religiously! No one can beat Sean Connery as Bond. He's suave, he's sexy, he's smooth, he's well groomed, he's got a voice to die for... No wonder he gets all the women! What's more, Sean Bean plays the baddy in Golden Eye and Sean Bean is my (not so) secret crush. Mmmmmm.....

    Spies make some excellent narrators as well because even though you know they're a spy, you still expect the narrative to be honest with you. But a spy is in essence an unreliable narrator. So two spies spinning two different stories for you? Could that possibly go wrong?! =D

  59. Forgot email >.<


    Happy holidays! :)

  60. Spies are sexy because they are so mysterious and dark :)



  61. Hi! I've hopped my way here today and now I'm a new follower. Please feel free to visit me at


  62. Spies are sexy as hell!Along with assassins are my favorite heroes!
    Why are they sexy? Mystery and danger are always sexy and spies just have that package!

    New follower



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