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Review: Boyfriend from Hell by E. Van Lowe

Published Date: September 10th, 2010
Finished Date: Did Not Finish

Publisher: White Whisker Books
Format: eCopy for Tour

Series: Falling Angels #1
My Rating: 1/5

Blurb from Goodreads:
Fifteen year-old Megan Barnett and her single mom, Suze, have a special relationship—they are friends, close friends, who do almost everything together.

“But come on, guys, she’s my mother… Can I really tell her that while we’re snuggled up on the sofa watching Spider Man Three, I’m secretly undressing James Franco with my eyes? Of course not…”

The special bond takes a turn for the worse when Suze decides to start dating again. She hasn’t had a man in her life since Megan’s father left ten years ago.

Enter two mysterious young men, Megan’s new classmate, sinfully attractive bad boy, Guy Matson, and the dangerously handsome art dealer, Armando. Before long Megan and Suze both wind up in steamy relationships.

But neither of the handsome pair is quite what he seems. In fact, one of them is Satan, with his sights set on a new bride. Megan has precious little time to figure out how to stop him. If she doesn’t, either Megan or Suze are quite literally going to HELL.

My Review

I ditched the book. Couldn't stand the male protagonist and the heroine. I don't even want to rate it.

The heroine was a bad friend and an even worse daughter who lies to her only kin - her mother. Her mother who only wanted another chance at love, which her daughter pretended to approve, but secretly backstabs her and her dates, and tries at every turn to ruin what her mother tries so hard achieve. It's nauseating. And when her two friends finally acts on their feelings for each other and are obviously way head over heels for each other, she says she's fine and wishes them luck, but inside she bitches about it, saying her friend is naggy (your friend just wanted to gush about her feelings, and you can't even listen?), and later on starts to develop a tinge of jealousy.

The hero? No better. He uses his influence over heroine to convince her to ditch school, play truant, and steal the school's letter to her mother informing mother about her recent rebellious behaviours. He is overly haughty, arrogant, and full of himself. I really couldn't stomach it any further.

And are all jocks really IQ-challenged? Cause there's that stereotype heavily enphasized here.

But there were a few redeemable qualities that I've noticed. For example is Lowe's phrasings.

"It was Sunday afternoon. The next day. We were seated at the food court in the Glendale mall, digesting my problem along with a double order of curly fries."

It was cool. And there was this one part that was super awesome. I loved how Guy could recite poetic lines but didn't come off as cheesy. Example:

"There can only be one hero,” he crooned softly, and he touched my hand.

Another jolt. No, bigger. Because of Guy’s touch, an electrical storm was raging inside me.

“Yeah.” The word fell from my lips, a soft tremor. Get a grip, Megan! This is what you’ve been waiting for.

“And to the victor goes the spoils. Right?”

Huh? What does that mean? He leaned in.

“Right?” he repeated, his breath on my face.

“Yes… Right.”

I guess he could be romantic if he wanted to. And badass. Sexy, smart. Just from a little poetry. Haha, yep, so there were good stuff, but the bad overrode the good, so.:/

Pity really - so much potential...

My Rating


  1. oooh, tks 4 your honest opinion

    great covers tho

  2. Yes, I thought so too! The covers were what attracted me at first..oh well.:/

  3. I wanted to read this because of all the hype but I'm glad for your opinion, Ill probably hold off on this one :)

  4. Aw man, haha, now I feel even meaner. I felt pretty bad as I wrote it. It's just my personal opinion! Maybe I'm overly-shrewd... A lot of bloggers liked it, so maybe you'll like it too.:) Haha^^"


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