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The Broken Destiny Blog Tour: Character Profile + Cast


Carlyle Labuschagne!
About Carlyle

Carlyle Labuschagne

Lives in Johnnesburg

First I am a Mother, wife and career woman. By night I read. By early, early morning peace I write. I love trees, I love food. I love music. I love people , I want to touch lives.

--Cited from Carlyle's Website

And her debut novel...

The Broken Destiny
Broken #1
The Blurb

Her Destiny is to Rise

against the fall

that threatens to take her soul.

Her soul is the Key to unlocking a secret weapon.

But to know her soul she has to hate it first,

and then come back from that.

Her Destiny starts with Betrayal.

The Broken Destiny


Meet The Broken Destiny [Dream] Cast


Third generation, Granddaughter to the founder of their kind. Carries the secret bloodline of an Ancient weapon within her soul.
Actress Britt Robertson

Nocturnal, Military student, Jaguar clang, Son of a warlock. The only broken to be born the traditional way. Bound by an oath not to use his powers and/or intervene with Ava's destiny but only to guide her. He is not to fall in love with her or they both face imminent doom. Owns the only motorbike on Poseidon. Weapon, anything her can get his hands onto, but mostly hand to hand combat.
Actor : Alex Pettyfer

Meet Ava's downfall.
Minoan Warrior leader. Parents - unknown. Adopted by Minoan healer Arriana , adoptive brother to Maya. The bluest eyes you have ever seen. Powers - to be revealed. Weapon - long bow.
Actor : Hirthic Roshan

Ava's best friend who has sworn to keep the secret journals of Ava's birthmother a secret. An overachiever, feisty and a man-eater. Third Generation.
Actress: Emma Stone

Adopted by the powerful Minoan healer and former chief's wife Arriana. Parents -unknown. Origins - unknown. Saves Ava's life a few times. Weapon - dagger.
Actress: Alexandra Daddario

Minoan Healer.  Sexy warrior woman. Sister of Arianna . Beautiful and strong. Vowed to help Ava on her quest. The power of Telepathy. Weapon - all, but likes to keep it simple - hand to hand.
Actress: Bipasha Basu

Parents deceased. Minoan Warrior. Power of Telepathy and patience. Vowed to help Ava on her quest. Weapon -Bow and Arrow.
Actor: Aaron Diaz

Youngest of the Minaon warriors, shy and clumsy. Weapon - sword. Green eyes. Age 16
Actor : Eddie Spears

Nocturnal, Military Student, Troy's best Friend. Power of strength, agility and speed. Trained in hand to hand combat. A knack for technology research and development. Third Generation
Actor: Riley smith

Nocturnal, Military Student, Troy's best Friend . Power of strength, agility and speed. Trained in hand to hand combat. Knack for all things mechanical. Best friends with David and Troy.
Actor: Matt Lanter

Last of the Ancient Minoans descendants. Blind. Powers of healing, seeker and telepathy. Adoptive mother to Enoch and Maya.
Actress: Padman Lakohmi

 Minoan Warlock. 200 and something years of age. Broken Blood. Power of magic and foreseeing. Vowed to help Ava fulfill her Destiny. Father to Troy.  Angry and bitter that his son will not use his natural powers. Telepathy by practice.
Actor : Viggo Mortensten

Good witchdoctor. Powers of magic. Sister to Isithunzi , has kept her identity and relasionship with Kronan a secret.
Actress: Genevieve Nnaji

Evil witch doctor wanting to bring the ancient spirit of king Shaka Zulu back through the soul of the white divine (Ava)
Killed his father and exiled to another island on Poseidon.
Started his own Zulu race. Father to many, husband to eight wives. Sorcerer of the ancient black magic originated from Africa.
Actor: Ken Gumpo

Youngest Queen of Zulu king and witch doctor. Talisman to the Zulu king's foreseeing magic. Helps Ava escape. She too has a destiny of her own. Age 15.
Actress: Jessica White


See anything that caught your eye? If so, you can find out more about Carlyle and Broken Destiny at:

Or you can check out the full tour schedule where Carlyle's giving away copies of Broken Destiny!:)


  1. Replies
    1. Haha, thanks! But I can't take credit for the casting though, that was all Labuschagne. :) I'm really bad at remembering actors, actresses, their names and such. Only those famous ones like Brad Pitt or something. XP

  2. Minoan Warrior leader. Can he be any hotter? I am dying to meet them all. Can't wait for the release!

    1. IKR!! Warrior leaders...sigh.. Hahaha, I can't wait for the release too!! Just looking at all the characters makes me so anxious to know their stories!:D


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