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Review: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles

Published Date: December 29th 2009
Finished Date: October 23rd, 2011
Publishers: Pocket

Format: Paperback
Pages: 329
Series: Succubus Diaries #1

My Rating: 3.5/5
Blurb from Goodreads:
Who Knew An Angel Could Get A Girl In So Much Devilish Trouble?Jackie Brighton woke up in a Dumpster this morning, and her day has only gotten weirder. Her familiar B-cups have somehow become double Ds, her sex drive is insatiable, and apparently she had her first one-night stand ever...with a fallen angel. All she remembers is gorgeous Noah's oddly hypnotic blue eyes...and then a dark stranger whose bite transformed her into an immortal siren with a sexy itch. With help from Noah, Jackie begins to adapt to her new lifestyle — until she accidentally sends Noah into the deadly clutches of the vampire queen and lands herself in a fierce battle for an ancient halo with the queen's wickedly hot righthand man. Who just happens to be the vampire who originally bit her. How's a girl supposed to save the world when the enemy's so hard to resist?

My Review

At times, this book made me want to throttle it, and at times devour it. Such conflicting emotions! But oh well, it is the truth. Know why? Cause the first half of the book was dominated by sex-crazed, dumb blondes with a fetish for being disloyal to their supposed allies and hot guys who fall for fat, nerdy girls, but the back was totally jam-packed with surprises, action, betrayal, and some very hot romance (hubba hubba...HEH)!

Let me just give you a quick rundown of the whole deal first.
Jackie Brighton is a fat museum docent with a bad boss and bad sex life. She wakes up one day to find herself in a dumpster and vague memories of a wonderful night of sex with an impossibly handsome man. After several encounters and weird conversations, she finds out that 1) She died and was left to come back to life in the dumpster, and 2) She is now a succubus who has an "Itch" that needs to be "scratched" once every two days. And that "Itch" happens to be this urge to have sex. Well, that's what being a succubus entails.

In case you're wondering what a succubus is, it is a female sex demon who is said to look like every men's dream, and who feed on those lusty desires. So now, Jackie is a crazy-beautiful woman with a huge rack. Lol, just had to add the last part. (My feeble definition. If you don't believe it, check the dic)

Anyway, Jackie gets turned but since she's new to the whole supernatural world, she goes and commits this grave error that started a whole string of catastrophes. At least for herself. She went and let an angel kiss her - which is a very bad thing, cause even tho the kiss suppresses her "Itch", it doesn't come without a catch. The angel, Uriel, told her about his suspiscions about how the vamps are acting suspiciously and since the angels and vamps are enemies, he asked her to fraternise with the vamps to get an idea of what the vamps are up to. And yeah, she failed, got caught by the Vamp Queen herself and was asked to do some other crazier shits.

Ok, back to the very unsatisfactory beginning. Jackie is supposed to be smart! She's a docent, so she must be really qualified (oh, by the way, docent is like a museum tour guide) to actually secure her job, so I thought she would be another kickass, headstrong heroine who stood up for what she believed (a little cliched with the whole kickass heroine thing, but well, there's a reason why it's cliche). But oh nooo, she turned into a gorgeous woman and totally succumbed to the pretty-snob syndrome. She was disloyal to her friend, and she let her sex-drive take control. Not only that, she cowered behind either her boyfriend or girlfriend whenever trouble arises, which pissed me off royally. I mean, ok, don't be a kickass heroine, but don't go whimpering behind your friends when the shit hits the fan; And may I remind you that three quarters of the time, you shitted out those shit that hits the fan, so man up to it.

One incident that I have to dedicate a whole para to: Jackie's friend was being held hostage and was probably being tortured and raped because of Jackie herself, and guess what she goes home to do? You guessed it - she went to get her "Itch" scratched. And you know what that means: sex.

Wow, really Jackie? And she had the audacity to feel hurt when her man thought to go save said hostage friend after her orgy, thinking that maybe her man was insincere and was thinking about another woman while they had their thing going on. Err, right.

Ok, scathing remarks are over, now to the good! (I know it's so ironic. Trust me, I know.)

I was giving thought to chucking this book into my Did-Not-Finish book pile, but then I was stranded in my school with no books to read, so I picked it up again. Imagine my surprise when Jackie morphed into the totally headstrong, loyal, courageous, and loving woman that I initially expected. I almost fell in love with her myself. Lol, kidding there. But yes, the story also picked up its pace, and Myles threw in so much more challenges, deception, romance, action, double entendres....wow! It was such a pivotal moment when I flipped the book open again. Drama, I know.

The boys, Zane and Noah. You can guess who's the vamp baddy and angel hotness already, can't you? Zane is the sexy vamp dude that stole my heart the moment he appeared in this dark room adjoining the vamp club space and the human club space. Sort of like a second layer bouncer system beside the human one out front. He requested Jackie and her friend to raise up their hands so that he could check for unauthorized gadgets, but instead started to feel Jackie up her rack. Pervy I guess, but the way Myles put it... That was sheer cheekiness and sexy. Noah is the calm, cool angel who was always the solid pillar for Jackie. But he chose to sacrifice himself for Jackie when the vamp queen was about to take Jackie away for god knows what, and became the torture-thing for the queen. So he went a little MIA after that, but oh well, I do still like him. But Zane's the man, man. Oh and I forgot to mention, not only is he a cheeky badboy, he actually had a bad past and is a tortured soul, and when he fell for Jackie (I'm sorry I'm spoilering so much)... Oh man, I'm a lost cause.

I loved the second half of the book, I really did. I would've rated this a 4.5, but the beginning's just not good enough.

Anyway, I can't wait to read this book's sequel, Succubi Like it Hot! Oh, and I just found out there's a prequel too, so I can't wait to read it too! Hehe.

P.S. I am not a fan of the book titles, by the way. Just saying.:)
P.P.S. If you're one of those who checked the dic for the definition, feel my flying fist! You doubt my credibility, you? Lol, kidding. But seriously, if you don't trust me, why are you reading this?
P.P.P.S. Sorry my review's so all over the place, I just let whatever comes out of my head flow into my fingers.

My Rating


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